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And so it begins…

It’s a new year, and as I lay here on a mattress on the floor (because our new bed that was due to be delivered yesterday failed to arrive- the sent two halves off different coloured divan beds and didn’t even notice till we pointed it out!?) and BabyLD naps beside me, I have finally worked up the courage to start this blog! 

Me and my husband are 30 year old first time parents to a now 6 month Baby boy (BabyLD) and we have a 7 year old Black mouth Cur Dog (Dogface) who was a rescue dog and has been with us for almost 4 years now. Dogface is like having a toddler, for example the other night BabyLD slept through, but Dogface had me up all night because he had trapped wind! We have some amusing and crazy times between the two of them!

At 4 months old BabyLD reacted badly to his first bottle of formula and we discovered he is alergic to Dairy! I am a cheese addict and since he was breast fed till then this came as a huge shock to me! We weened him at 5 months due to being advised to do so on the advice of his peadiatric dietitian, I do not advocate for early weening, I just did as I was advised by professionals for my child and every child is different. I will share in this blog our trials and errors In the dairy free world, alongside our adventures with weening and all other things baby, dog and life related we discover along the way! This blog is about our life and experiences and is no way wrItten to give advice to anyone. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you will join us on our journey! 

Happy new year,



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