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The weekend, dairy free weening, a fight for a working washing machine and a standoff with dog over the new mattress. 

It’s Sunday evening, DaddyD has gone away for 2 weeks with work, BabyLD is sound asleep in his cot and I’m relaxing with a cup of tea, some crispy coconut rolls and a Yankee candle! What a weekend it’s been!

Dreams (the company we brought a new bed from) failed to deliver our bed, turning up with the wrong bed.. so we are currently left with a new mattress on the floor. Not a problem as they have now given us some money back and promised to deliver the bed on Tuesday. The mattress is very comfy and I’m atleast enjoying being able to sleep on that but since it’s so low, Dog thinks it’s a new bed for him! Now Dog use to be allowed sneaky cuddles on the bed.. but we decided he wouldn’t be allowed on the new bed. So for the past two days he has snuck up at every opportunity when we are not paying attention and it has been a constant battle! In the end he waited until BabyLD was asleep on the mattress and quietly snuck up next to him, knowing I wouldn’t shout at him or push him down for fear of waking BabyLD!  Dog: 1 MummyD: 0 Sigh! Out smarted by a dog… he ended up staying up when BabyLD was awake too! Heyho, there’s no denying they are cute together. 
I felt like I was cursed however when not only did my bed turn up wrong, but the man coming to fix my washing machine also failed to turn up! Our washer dryer has been broken for 5 weeks now, it just won’t turn on. 4 weeks ago they sent someone out to confirm that yes we had turned the switch on at the wall and no we aren’t lying,  it won’t turn on. He ordered the parts it needed (new motherboards) and said he would return the next week. He did, with the wrong parts… the next week, same thing: the company had again sent him the wrong parts. This week we do not know if he had the right parts or not, he just didn’t turn up! Needless to say many phone calls have been made to different parts of the company and some harsh words said, and now we must wait till tomorrow for them to phone us back with (hopefully) a solution… a new washing machine would be nice! Not only does BabyLD go through atleast one outfit change a day due to babysick, atleast 5 bibs a day due to drooling, but since he is now unable to wear his cloth nappies that nicely contained his poo causing no explosions, he is having to wear disposables and we are having to change numerous vests during the week due to poonarmies! Oh the joys! My house is being taken over by my laundry pile! Atleast we were donated loads of clothes when he was born or it would be costing me a bomb at the laundrette!!

Anyway.. onwards to – nicer topic, highlights (and lowlights) of the weekends food! We have tried some lovely (and some not so lovely) new foods this weekend! BabyLD had his first taste of meat on Friday night – some chicken puréed in with some pasta and carrot which went down a treat, and was followed happily by some soya yoghurt mixed with a fruit pouch: 

As a dairy eater I would never normally buy soya yoghurt for myself, but after a sneaky taste of BabyLDs yoghurt, I discovered it’s actually really nice! Watch your yoghurts BabyLD! MummyD might pinch some! 😂

Saturdays dinner was a potentially lovely Chicken with rice and green beans recipe I found in Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Meal Planner:

I adjusted the meal slightly to include the chicken stock I had made rather than apple juice, and adjusted quantities so that DaddyD and I could have some too with our own chicken (Chinese chicken drumsticks and thighs from Asda, yum!) and blended the beans into the rice. All looked great… until our first mouthful… it’s safe to say it was a disaster, mainly because although I had followed the recipe and the instructions on the bag of rice (which matched) the rice was undercooked. My bad! Why do I always fail (in different ways each time) when I try and cook rice?! The flavour was nice enough but nothing special, so I don’t think we will be trying that one again! Heyho, we had our chicken and BabyLD had a fruit pouch instead lol.

Luckily today was a much better food day.

Sunday morning breakfast was a highlight however! DaddyD is a pancake God and often makes pancakes for weekend breakfasts so I decided to try out a dairy free pancake mix for BabyLD, whilst DaddyD made us adults some buttermilk pancakes. I got the Dairy free recipe from the Nutramigen parents guide, so it uses Nutramigen milk but I’m sure these would work with any milk substitute or even with milk. They were so easy to make and BabyLD loved his dairy free banana pancakes so we all started the day with happy tummies! 

For our lunch we had some cheese spred on toast. I decided to have a taste of BabyLDs cheese spread and was suprised to find that I really enjoyed it! More happy tummies all round! 

Since DaddyD had left before Sunday Dinner, I decided to skip a roast and we had pasta, cheese sauce and cauliflower. I used a portion of previously made cheese sauce, again from the Nutramigen parents guide:

And decided to blend the pasta and sauce but give the cauliflower baby led weening style. BabyLD seems to enjoy having both spooned purée and fingerfoods during one meal. BabyLD loved the cheese sauce last time so I had high hopes for this meal, until he started gagging the second the sauce on the spoon touched his lips! No idea what got into him but as I had added pepper to my cheese sauce I thought, hey no harm in trying… and added a tiny amount of pepper to his food. Well it was like I had added fairy dust! The meal he had been gagging at was suddenly the best thing he had ever tasted! I will never understand babies! But here he is enjoying his food:

Good thing his cute!

Wow that turned out longer than I expected, well I hope you enjoyed it and I’ve given some of you some useful ideas and recipies!

Bring on the new week!



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