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Do mummies have reset buttons?

So it’s been a long fortnight with just BabyLD, Dog and I. We hope DaddyD will be home tomorrow. BabyLD has been really suffering with teething (all his little toothy pegs  are pushing against the gum but not a single one has cut!)  a cold and night Terrors so there’s been lots of screaming, crying and General gruppyness. Luckily there have still been some lovely moments in between too but I have not spoken face to face with another adult in 9 days now.. well apart from two minutes talking to the post office lady last Friday. Whilst BabyLD watches Pingu, I take a breather, and when he turns to look at me I luckily still have the energy to smile and cuddle him.. where does this energy come from? Is this a skill that just arrives when you have children? Can someone try turning me off and on again? Maybe if I’m reset I can be bubbly and ready for life with my beautiful boy again. Atleast dog walks help clear my head. 

The endless washing machine issues: well… we had the fifth appointment to get our washing machine fixed on Monday, and just like before the guy didn’t even turn up! I phoned them and as usual got totally fobbed off my a smart talking woman who said she would call me back, and hung up feeling like I’d just been played. Did she call back? Of course not! I hunted around online for an email address, I’m much better at getting my point across in writing, and found one for the head of customer service. I sent a very long email detailing all their downfalls, the many ways in which they had failed their own code of conduct, and the fact I now have a very eczma ridden baby on steroid cream because he is having to wear disposables as I have no way to wash my cloth nappies! Anyway, he replied very quickly and very apologetically, angry at his own company for how they have treated us, and the next thing I know I have the manager phoning me and a different, reliable engeneer coming out on Friday. Feeling quite proud of myself about this and fingers crossed they are good to their word and I’m finally able to wash my clothes again! 

So food wise has been pretty normal and easy this week, foods BabyLD has tried for the first time are: spaghetti hoops, baked beans, beef and marmite. He loved them all! 

Marmite on toast!
This picture from yesterday’s dinner sums up our general week though: 

Atleast I stopped the plate hitting the floor though… just had less to purée and freeze for another day! 

Hope your weeks have been better… 

MummyD x


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