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More disappointment, Butternut squash and forming friendships 

Happy hump day! Half way to the weekend.. although there is very little difference between week days and weekends when you’re a stay at home mum! Especially since DaddyD won’t be home this weekend. But we will enjoy anyway! It’s a quiet, sunny day here and I am relaxing whilst BabyLD naps. 

So I will start with the negative 👎🏻 Tuesday came and I got a text AND a phone call to say the new bed was being delivered! After Friday’s failed attempt I was excited to finally get the bed.. and as I saw the guys lifting it off the lorry I was excited, until I saw the look of concern crossing their face. Delivery man looked at me and said “I’m really sorry” and my heart dropped! So half the bed had arrived with a huge rip in the fabric as well as a cut in the wood! How can I be so unlucky?! Anyway Delivery man left the bed so I have a bed to sleep on rather than a mattress on the floor and I got it in writing that they will replace the broken half. Hopefully soon! 😢

Anyway more onwards and upwards! A friend told me that her baby and her loves butternut squash. We have never tried it, and since we are trying lots of new foods now, it seemed a good time. When looking at how to cook butternut squash it seemed a whole lot of effort to prepare but it turned out quite easy. Once chopping it up, pealing off the skin and removing the seeds I boiled it in a pan with 2 table spoons of free from butter, a cup of water and 5 pealed, cored and chopped up apples. 30 minutes later I added some to my dinner then puréed the rest for BabyLD and well, it was LOVELY 😃! BabyLD loved his butternut squash and apple purée. So if you have never tried it, then do! 

So BabyLD has been forming friendships with our pets these last few days. When he was having a easy finger food snack of Apple Rice cakes, he noticed that Dog was watching him and he reached into his lunch box, took out a rice cake and handed it to Dog! He appears to have learnt young that the way to Dogs heart is through his stomach! 👶🏻 ❤️ 🐶 

Dog then tried to return the favour by sharing his bone with BabyLD by putting it into his sensory basket.

BabyLD has also carried on the same lesson with the Rats today and shared his left over coconut cheese with them! BabyLD loves watching the Rats and he even got licks on the finger by RatY. 👶🏻 ❤️ 🐁🐭

So whilst BabyLD is still sleeping I will curl up on the couch with Dog and watch My newest Tv addiction- Reign. 😁 

Enjoy your days,



3 thoughts on “More disappointment, Butternut squash and forming friendships 

  1. Love the photos! Glad that Baby LD loves butternut squash too. It’s one of his Aunty Darling Soul’s favourites 🙂 I bet he is fascinated with the rats. And now Dog will follow Baby LD round even more knowing that he can get a lil snack from his human brother 😛

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