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Mega Blocks, crawling, a Dairy free picnic and the Natural History Museum with a baby.

It’s been a long busy month, the bed finally arrived, the washing machine was finally fixed and fortunately we got compensation for both! (See previous blogs). I can’t believe it’s March already and I now have an 8 month old! Where did that time go? I am happy to say he has gone up 3 weight percentiles since the discovery of his Milk protein allergy and he also finally has his two bottom front teeth! 

We have recently discovered the joys of Mega Bloks! BabyLD LOVES banging them together and pulling them apart. We were very lucky to be given a second hand Mega Bloks farm set and I always begin by setting it up nicely with a fence around then sitting BabyLD in the middle to play. He has a great time pulling blocks apart and spreading them out as he drops to his front and spins in a circle of chaos! ❤️ I highly recommend Mega Bloks they are great for physical development (fine motor skills) and for learning a large range of skills! I can’t wait to use them to teach him colours, counting, shapes and much more as we play with them over the next few years.

Unfortunately for Dog, BabyLD can now crawl – although only backwards. He has worked out how to turn himself round and crawl backwards towards Dog, where he then turns back round and plays gently with Dogs ear or paw until Dog gets up and sulks away. (just to note: I never leave them unsupervised together, and would advice others to never leave babies and dogs unsupervised however good the dog because you never can know what will happen!) but he really does love Dog! 👶🏻❤️🐕 he has been crawling backwards for just over a month now but has yet to work out how to go foward! I guess when you think about it he goes backwards in the sling, the pram, the car… Etc. So it must seem natural! He can now stand up holding onto things, and walk holding our hands too! This boy is growing too fast! 

Standing up!

A few weeks ago we got the train to London and had a lovely day out at the Natural History Museum. BabyLD loved the train ride to London and we decided that we would do his breakfast on the train so as not to disrupt his routine too much. We took half a wheetabix in his Tommee tippee cup and some Oatly milk in a small lidded bottle and we mixed on the train. BabyLD very much enjoyed eating his wheetabix whilst watching the world go by out the window! 

Breakfast on the train.
 Getting across the underground with a pram is never easy as most stations don’t have lifts. We did discover that our pram (Joie chrome) does go nicely onto the escalators making most stations easier, however there are still stations where some platforms are only accessible by stairs and unfortuantly South Kensington, the nearest station to the museum, was one of these. Luckily we were able to help each other up, and we did witness some kind members of the public helping other pram users but it is a shame London is not more buggy (and wheelchair) friendly! 

We went during the school holidays and after warnings from friends were ready to que for hours to get into the museum, but fortunately we only had about a 30 minute wait. However, we arrived at around 10.45am and as we moved along the que, it was quickly getting longer and longer behind us so it’s probably advisable to get there as close to 10am as you can. Once we arrived, BabyLD loved sitting in his pram or being carried and looking around at all the pictures, colours,  skeletons etc. and the museum was busy but still relaxing. There’s lots of walking but so much to see you barely notice. The cafes are small and expensive (and not particularly allergy friendly) but we found a nice secluded tucked away spot next to a side stairway and had a picnic. I struggled to think what to pack for a dairy free picnic for BabyLD since he has finger food lunches, but in the end I decided on a sweet freedom chocolate spread sandwich (their new chocolate spread is amazing), some cucumber cut in strips (no skin) some Organix carrot sticks and a fruit pot. He followed this with a bottle of his Nutramigen (Dairy free prescription formula) which was easy to make up on the go. We used boiled water in a flask, and mixed with cooled water in a bottle (Nutramigen formula is added to room temperature rather than boiling water due to its ingredients) before adding the pre-measured formula that we had stored in a Tommee Tippee formula pot.  Unfortuantly the main entrance Baby changing area was out of use at the museum meaning nappy changes were more awkward but when these are fixed I would say it’s a great day out for all ages from babies-adults! 

Well, BabyLD, DaddyD and Dog are all fast asleep now so it’s time I join them, hope you enjoyed reading,



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