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Childs farm toiletries and a baby with Eczema. 

Before we discovered BabyLD is allergic to Cows Milk Protein and moved him onto formula, he had awful eczema. After trying out the Johnson’s Baby bath stuff we were given when he was born and his eczema  getting worse a friend suggested we try the Childs farm range. Since his skin was bad at the time we were using a cream prescribed by the doctors as a moisturiser and body wash and having to use a steroid cream when it got really bad. When he went dairy free most of. his eczema cleared – presumably a symptom of his allergy, but he still had dry, eczema prone sensitive skin. 

I decided to test out the childs farm moisturiser to see if it would help. I was a bit nervous at first due to the sensitivity of his skin and since the moisturiser had a strong smell to it, but I tried small amounts at a time and was soon using it as a morning and after bath moisturiser It worked wonders and with the use of this lush moisturiser, his skin cleared completely leaving me with a soft and gorgeous smelling baby! The moisturiser states that it is “Grapefruit and organic Tea Tree”. I’m not sure if it’s because of the combination of these smells or just me, but I personally think that it smells like my mums homemade Lemon cheesecake, and therefore the only negative I can find with this moisturiser is it leaves me craving cheesecake, which can’t be good for my weight! 

After the success of the moisturiser I decided to give the “organic sweet orange” hair and body wash a try. I was not disappointed. BabyLD doesn’t have much hair but what he does have is now beautifully healthy and fluffy and smells amazing! BabyLD also has sensitive eyes that go red even if water gets in them but on the rare occasions a bit of this shampoo gets in his face he doesn’t seem bothered at all. A much different story to the one time Johnson’s baby shampoo got in his eye and made him cry! 

Now he is 8 months old and sits well in his little bath seat we decided to start using bubbles in his bath. There was no question as to which companies Bubble Bath we would use! I got straight online and ordered Childs Farms bubbles! We decided to get the “Organic raspberry” bubble bath, and again were not disappointed! We still have beautiful clear soft skin and our gorgeous boy smells like an amazing mix of fruit salad when we have our snuggles after the bubble bath, hair and body wash and moisturiser have all been used! 

I highly recommend these Childs farm products and can’t wait to try more of their range, especially the suncream and aftersun when summer arrives! 


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